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Timber Management System

Timber Management System - One of the most advanced software solutions for timber exports and sales.


Our customer required a timber management software solution that allowed the management of the timber packets from the point of entry into the yard  (untreated), until the stage where the packets are ready for shipping.

We provided and unparalleled solution to the work flow required for operations to achieve this.

The system's complexity in design was a great challenge to solve. Our team managed to deliver an outstanding product that runs fast, does the job well, is reliable and provides not only the flexibility required in dealing with timber details, but also and entire product flow management of the packets from the entry into the yard until the despatching and invoicing.

The system is a cloud-based solution that is accessible from any place on earth where internet is available. It provides various modules that allow the operations to control each aspect of the timber packets, from ordering, allocations, processing, despatching and invoicing. A complex reporting system has been integrated to monitor each aspect in operations.

In addition, we're implementing the communication to XERO accounting software such that all the transactions will be transferred to and from the accounting package.

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Advanced filtering system

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Advanced Orders Management

Advanced Orders Management


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Advanced Statistics and Reporting

Advanced Statistics and Reporting

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