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Freight System for Geoff's Freight Limited.

This smart and easy to use cloud-based freight application is designed to take online orders from suppliers, allow admins to process them and prepare the despatch documents as required. It features a bunch of useful modules, including a live up-to-date screen where the new orders could be visualized before processing.


We've designed this application together with our client, based on their exact specifications. The application is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

This makes it possible for the suppliers to log-in directly form their own offices and place orders for their items to be picked up and then delivered to their clients. The system maintains the suppliers and clients database as well as their associated details, routes and items with their characteristics.

It is a user-role based application, where admins manage the users that log in and their access areas.

What defines this application apart is the easiness of use and order placing and processing modules. With a few clicks a supplier can place an order and the freight company gets an instant notification of the orders being entered in the system. It takes just a few steps for the order to be processed.

The live tracking module allows the freight company to prepare the exact vehicles required for picking up and deliver the orders based on the number of items, their characteristics, total weight and total order cube. 

This many-to-many application is capable of taking multiple orders from many suppliers and prepare the delivery data for many clients. This is all organised as required by our customer.

The integrated invoicing system automatically prepares the invoices to be sent out, allowing them to be previewed and printed out.

The reporting system that we designed is comprehensive, giving our customer the ability to always check back the orders placed and see the history of the freights.

A smart and easy to use application that makes use of the technology to improve dramatically the speed and accuracy of the freights schedules, orders tracking and ultimately the delivery of the items. A must-have freight software for any freight company.