Software Design and Development Portfolio

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Best Buy CRM Software

CRM and Sales Management System for Buzz Value.

This giant software application is packed with a lot of features, from customers and employees management to orders, invoicing system, payment processor and XERO accounting integration.

The system provides full management of the business process. 

The management of the customers payments frequency and accuracy stands at the core of the application, since it provides the grounds for the business model.

With a lot of modules integrated, the application allows the users to monitor and adjust each customer entry and every order.

An integrated alerts system handles the critical dates and offers a thorough overview and monitoring for each customer. In this way the customer payments are monitored thoroughly.

Sales agents booking system allows for the business administrators to schedule visits for each agent on a nicely integrated calendar.

The levels of authentication for users is very easy implemented, with administrators being able to create/remove users on multiple levels of authentication.

We've integrated XERO Accounting Software into this application. The application connects to the business in XERO, allowing for the import of all the bank transactions.

The technology that powers this application is Microsoft ASP.NET MVC, coupled with a modern responsive designer template, suitable to be used on any device, from desktop computers to smartphones.

A state-of-the-art business application software.